Made to Order

Almost 70 Years Of Trust

On top of a wide selection of ready-made products available at Saengroong, we also offer a made-to-order service based on customer needs. Including school exercise books, holiday & seasonal notebooks, and other types of printed publications. With machines capable of supporting both mass production and with no minimum amount. This service ranges from understanding customer needs, design consultation, to the after-sales service by an experienced team.

Why Do Most Customers Choose Us?

Best Pricing

Our expertise in the production and sourcing of suitable raw materials allows us to offer our customers satisfying production costs.

Honesty & Loyalty

We give honest and straightforward advice to customers. Paper weight and the number of sheets in every exercise book guaranteed.

Environment Friendly

We take huge environmental responsibilities in this field. From farm paper, to soybean colors and recycling our materials.

Printing and Finishing Sample

Student Exercise Book OEM


Trusted by Top Institutions

With almost 70 years of experience and expertise in exercise books and production, we can guarantee the paper weight and number of sheets in every exercise book. Moreover, Saengroong is also a one-stop distribution for teaching equipment.